Paramedic Education

As a leading provider of 911 emergency and non-emergency interfacility ambulance transportation services in Arizona with local operations in Maricopa County, PMT Ambulance  Rural/Metro Paramedic Education
offers a high-performance Paramedic Education and training program in partnership with Phoenix College for those who wish to take their EMS careers to the next level.  We strive to produce quality health care professionals and are committed to quality teaching resources.

This CoAEMS/CAAHEP accredited Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) program is designed to provide advanced techniques of emergency care, stabilization, and immobilization of victims of illness and injury.  The techniques of emergency care include but are not limited to assessment, detailed physical examination, recognition and documentation of signs and symptoms of illness and injury, critical thinking and diagnosis intervention, and the evaluation of the interventions.  The techniques of assessment include but are not limited to electrocardiograph rhythm identification, administration of oxygen, defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, transcutaneous pacing, and advanced airway techniques.  The techniques for immobilization of the victim include but are not limited to the use of specific immobilization devices, peripheral intraosseous and central intravenous techniques, and preparation and care during transportation. Students obtain a Certificate of Completion and credits can applied towards an Associates Degree of Applied Science (AAS) in Advanced Emergency Medical Technology with additional course work taken.

Our mission is to develop the knowledge, skills and values that will enable students to achieve their professional goals. We support our mission through a rich tradition of:

  • Quality Education
  • Integrity
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Partnership
  • Continuing and Community Education
  • Expert Faculty and Staff


Paramedic Class 2016-01 beginning January, 2016.  Applications due by 5:00pm September 18, 2015.   PMT/Phoenix College Paramedic Program Application