Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Course Description:

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) healthcare providers enhance their treatment abilities through ACLS training. From basic life support to advanced interventions and from airway management to pharmacology and more, professionals hone their skills. This course is designed for the experienced ALS health care provider who is comfortable with cardiac information, working in an ED, any Intensive/Critical Care Unit, Paramedic Ambulance or has had the course several times.

ACLS Pre-Test Link: code: advancedlifesupport


Provide a copy to the training department a non-expired AHA ACLS Provider card. If your AHA ACLS Provider has expired more than thirty (30) days, a two (2) day initial course may be arranged with the training dept. Complete the self-assessment modules on the AHA Student website:

  • ACLS Pre-Test Link: code: advancedlifesupport
  • Provide the results to the training department prior to class start.



Textbooks may be purchased from:

Textbooks may also be loaned from Rural/Metro Clinical Services.


This is usually an eight (8) hour course, not including a one (1) lunch.


  • You will receive an AHA ACLS and BLS Healthcare Provider cards
  • You will also receive eight (8) hours of CE

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